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Our Hatchery


Our hatchery contains over 1,300 gallons of water from the great lakes, and a unique breeding program that produces angels full of color and vigor.

The hatchery is powered by a 260 watt white water blower that drives sponge and internal chemical filters. Each tank is heated by its own submersible heater set at 80 degrees.

We perform 1/3 water changes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by a python water changing system.  The water is then replaced by 80 degree tap filtered through a micron and carbon filter.


Our White Water Blower

Our breeding Rack, Contains Eight 20G/H Breeding Tanks


Eight 5.5 gallon tanks. From each spawn, one tank gets 5 fry up to dime size.


The center tank is a 55 gallon slow grower,
growout tank.

One of our three 150 gallon grow out tanks.

Our Hatchery contains

4   @ 2.5 gallon tanks 8   @ 5.5 gallon tanks 8   @ 10  gallon tanks
22 @ 20  gallon tanks 4   @ 35  gallon tanks 4   @ 35  gallon tanks
2   @ 45  gallon tanks 1   55 gallon tank 3   @ 150 gallon tanks

We are also planning an additional 676 Sq ft. grow out facility.



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