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Ordering Information


We are currently accepting orders through PayPal, money order, casher’s checks, company checks and personal checks.   All check orders must clear before your order can be shipped.  There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks.

Please Note: When ordering through PayPal  your Order will NOT show any amount for shipping charges or Michigan sales tax if order is to be shipped to Michigan.   Your order will only show the total amount for your angelfish and or accessories.  Upon receipt of your order from PayPal, we will calculate the correct shipping amount for your total order and Michigan sales tax if applicable.  We will then send you a payment request via PayPal for the shipping and or Michigan sales tax due.

We want to be fair to you and we do not want to make a profit off shipping charges.  By doing your order in this matter, you can be assured you are not over paying for shipping. 

We have a $50.00 minimum for all online fish orders, shipping costs not part of minimum order.  All fish orders are shipped separately from any dry goods.  All orders must be prepaid before orders are shipped.   No exceptions!   You will receive three emails, one once order is received, one telling you what shipping charges will be, the other with tracking number and estimated arrival date or time.

It is recommended when ordering new fish; all preparations should be performed well in advance prior to receiving your order i.e. having a quarantine tank set-up and established.   We will add an acclamation instruction sheet with every fish order.

Please follow this closely.  We have a Friday 12 p.m. EST cutoff time for shipping fish orders out on Monday morning and a Sunday 9 PM EST cutoff time for shipping plant orders out on Tuesday morning.  This gives us time to properly select and prepare your fish or plant orders for shipping. There is no cutoff time for dry goods.   Michigan residents are subject to a 6% sales tax.

Wholesale ordering available, call us at (734) 765-2491 or email us at [email protected].

By placing an order through Angelfish and More it means you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of our Guarantee.



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