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Our Guarantee


 Arrival DOA’S Guarantee    (Dead on arrival)

Site Map We guarantee live arrival and an extended guarantee for up to 6 hours past the expected arrival time.  If you receive your order after our extended arrival time guarantee, and there are DOA’S then the carrier is at fault; a claimed must be filed with them.  You must report any guaranteed DOA’S to us within 12 hours after arrival by email at or phone at 734 765-2491 we will then credit an account, send a refund by check or ship replacements.  Shipping is not included.  We reserve the right to request the DOA’S back for inspection for refund approval.  If we request the DOA’S back, we will email you an instruction sheet for returning DOA’S back to us.

 24 hour Guarantee

We guarantee your angelfish up to 24 hours after delivery.  Should any fish die within this time, we will give you credit toward another purchase, send a refund by check, or ship a replacement.  We do not cover shipping cost.  You must report your guaranteed fish to us within 24 hours of receiving your order.  Restrictions may apply, for more information contact customer service at  or 734 765-2491.  We reserve the right to request the guaranteed fish back for inspection for refund approval.  An instruction sheet for returning fish back will then be emailed to you.

Please note:  The following must be adhered to for your guarantees to be valid.  You must sign for your order. You must take immediate delivery of your order on the first try by our shipper.  If special arrangements are made between you and shipper i.e. to be left on porch etc. your guarantee will be void.



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