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Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ is not only for the frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions about angelfish, their care, our products or anything and we feel it may help another customer or hobbyist we will add it to this list. You can email us at

Q.  What is your guarantee?
A.  Our guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied.  You can read all about our guarantee at - (Guarantee Link)


Q.  How do you hatch Brine Shrimp?
A. There are different ways to hatch brine shrimp.  We use a simple procedure that works great for us.  Read all about hatching brine shrimp at Hatching Brine Shrimp Link.

Q.  What should I do if my fish arrive late?
A.  If the fish were some how delayed for a day or two during shipping, don’t panic. We have bagged and boxed angels for over three days without any loss.  Once your fish arrive, inspect them, if they are doing ok acclimate them.  If there not doing well, start the emergency acclimation procedure immediately!  You can read about the acclamation process at -
General Info Link.

Q. Where and how can I learn about angelfish genetics?
A.  The angelfish society has a detailed article by Dr Joanne Norton who has done extensive research on the angelfish. You can read all about it at - Angelfish Society Link.

Q.  What is the best temperature for angelfish?
A.  Angelfish like high stable temperatures around 79-83 degrees F.

Q.  What is the pH you raise your angel fry in?
A.  We are fortunate to have such great water in the Detroit area.  Our pH is 7.0-7.2 out of the tap.

Q.  How will I know if you received my order?
A. You will receive Three e-mails.  The first one confirming your order, followed by shipping cost and the last email with your tracking # and expected arrival time.

Q.  Can I order and send my credit card info through e-mail?
A.  We are not currently accepting credit card orders only through pay pal.  But for your own safety, never send your credit card info through e-mail.

Q.  How come you only ship fish on Mondays?
A.  This gives us the weekend to properly select and prepare your fish for shipping.  If you need your order delivered on a certain day contact our customer service.

Q.  What chemical would you recommend to lower my PH?
A.  I am against adjusting the pH with chemicals, because of the potential pH swing.  This is much more harmful to angelfish then if your pH is high, around 8.0.  Angelfish can adapt to this higher pH level if kept stable.

Q.  How should I acclimate my fish?
  You can read about acclimating your fish at - General Info Link.





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