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Equipment and Supplies


All the products we offer, we use in our own hatchery.  If we don’t like a product, or it doesn’t work as expected, we won’t sell it!  Our goal is to supply the highest quality of products, at a competitive price.  We are confident our products will work for you, as well as they work for us.  Check back often, as other products will be added.

Please Read Note About Shipping Costs.




AZOO Oxygen plus Bio-Filter

The AZOO Oxygen plus Bio-Filter, has a dual effect,
in providing high dissolved oxygen, and biological filtration.
The special design creates numerous minute bubbles, quiet when operating, and never clogs.  They provide the highest dissolved
oxygen to the growth of nitrifying bacteria and fish.  Best if used
in breeding, spawning and fry tanks.


Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 2
Up to 30 Gallons

    Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 3
Up to 15 Gallons
    Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 7
Up to 50 Gallons
    Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 11
Up to 10 Gallons



H.O.T.  Magnum Filter

The sleek and silent H.O.T. Magnum is a compact canister
filter of superior efficiency and sheer performance power.  It is lightweight enough to hang directly on your aquarium, yet it does the heavy duty work of two complete filtration systems.  With a self-starting pump that silently directs a certified 250 gallons per hour through the advance dual-flow core and sealed media, delivering total contact, and total filtration without bypass.  With
no hoses, the magnum installs in minutes making it ideal for multiple aquarium water filtering/polishing needs.


H.O.T.  Magnum Filter



Visi-Therm Deluxe Heater

The Visi-Therm Deluxe Heater has direct-set temperature control, compact double-sealed durability, and certified accuracy to within one degree.  With a simple “click” of the dial, you choose the ideal water temperature.  The custom Double-Suction Mounting Bracket features an adjustable three-position window that insures an easy-to-view
temperature setting.  Water calibrated for superior accuracy.  This Heater is perfect for a freshwater or marine aquarium. CSA-Listed for operational safety


Deluxe Heater 50 Watt
Up To 20 Gallons

Deluxe Heater 100 Watt
Up To 40 Gallons
Deluxe Heater 150 Watt
Up To 50 Gallons

Floating Thermometer

The Marina aquarium floating thermometer is accurate, easy to read, and has a safety zone indicator for most tropical fish.  It comes with a suction cup.  By Hagen.




Convalescent home Specimen container

The Lee’s convalescent home/specimen container has many uses.  As a convalescent home, this container hangs by a 1” hook inside the aquarium utilizing the aquarium heater while protecting, treating or acclimating fish into a new aquarium.  As a specimen container, it can be hung outside of the aquarium for observing, or to neatly store food, medicines and loose parts.






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Please Note: When ordering through PayPal  your Order will NOT show any amount for shipping charges or Michigan sales tax if order is to be shipped to Michigan.   Your order will only show the total amount for your angelfish and or accessories.  Upon receipt of your order from PayPal, we will calculate the correct shipping amount for you total order and Michigan sales tax if applicable.  We will then send you payment request via PayPal for the shipping and or Michigan sales tax due.

We want to be fair to you and we do not want to make a profit off shipping charges.  By doing your order in this matter, you can be assured you are not over paying for shipping. 






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