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Our Angelfish are sold in four different sizes.

Extra small


Half dollar
Silver dollar and up


The coin size is the body size only; this size does not include the fins and tail witch would actually make the angelfish bigger.

We carry many varieties in both standard fins and veil. Because our stock changes daily, a variety may have been sold out without notice.

If a variety is sold out, please email our customer service for an expected in stock date.

Wholesale enquires are always welcome. Call us at 734-237-4520 or Email us at

Please Read Note below, About Shipping Costs.

We currently have Hybrid black standard fin and Veil, Zebra lace standard fin and Veil ,Gold and gold marble standard fin only. Small and Medium. Updated 9-23-2007












Black Lace










Hybrid Black









half Black



















Gold Marble









Zebra Lace









Clown Black











Silver Ghost




















Sunset Blusher









Blue Blusher









Please Note:

Site Map When ordering through PayPal  your Order will NOT show any amount for shipping charges or Michigan sales tax if order is to be shipped to Michigan.   Your order will only show the total amount for your angelfish and or accessories.  Upon receipt of your order from PayPal, we will calculate the correct shipping amount for your total order and Michigan sales tax if applicable.  We will then send you a payment request via PayPal for the shipping and or Michigan sales tax due.

We want to be fair to you and we do not want to make a profit off shipping charges.  By doing your order in this matter, you can be assured you are not over paying for shipping. 


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